Post Summer Update

The last two months have flown by here at Blind Monkey! We’ve been at festivals, helped celebrate at RAF Cosford for their 80th anniversary and we started our latest endeavour with West Bromwich Albion FC. It’s kept us busy and unfortunately, that’s meant away from the website. However, we’re back in the office and getting on top of all the admin. Expect to see some changes here in the coming weeks!


New sponsorships! Yes, Blind Monkey is now the proud sponsor of Walsall RFC. One of our directors, Ian Bradshaw has close ties with the club as an ex-player and so we’re very happy to be able to support the club for this season. We can’t wait until the shipment of new kit arrives at the office, all branded up. As well as this, Blind Monkey is also the new proud sponsor of West Bromwich Albion Ladies. The ladies kit has been done and is on its way to the office also. The ladies have started the season with two wins and we hope they can keep their position at the top of the table heading towards October. These new sponsorships are a very exciting piece of our development and we feel privileged that we are in the position to make these opportunities happen.


More on our work with the Albion. We’ve been very pleased to announce that we’ll be managing the Fanzone for this season. It’s a huge undertaking but we were ready to progress onto our next project. It’s been great meeting other local businesses such as the Meaty Greeks and bringing them in to serve the best marinated meat and kebab that you’ll set your eyes on. If you’re a Baggies supporter, then get down to the ground 3 hours before any Saturday match and grab yourself a beer and some meat and chips before the game. Check out our Events page to see which Saturdays we’ll be at the Hawthorns.


We haven’t just been working on our events, here at Blind Monkey we’re working on new beer, new branding, merchandise and other ventures. We may have got through the rush of summer but we won’t be slowing down much as we work towards the end of the year. Of course, you’ll be able to keep up with whatever we’re doing on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or we’ll be posting regular highlights on this news page of our website.